Langevin Tube Console

Mastering – Equalization, Compression, Limiting... all the usual suspects. Utilizing only the finest analog and digital equipment we respectfully approach your music with the hippocratic oath of "do no harm". There is no "cookie cutter "approach here at Silvertone.

Specialized Mastering for the Major Motion Picture industry - Silvertone Mastering specialized services are utilized by some of the biggest names when it comes to music and sound FX content for the film industry... Robert Etoll Productions, Audiomachime, APM, Lionsgate, Q Factory, Megatrax, Elephant Music, etc… There is a reason these companies use Silvertone's services over and over. If you're an audio content provider, film score composer, independent film maker, advertiser, or tailer house don't you owe it to yourself to find out why?

Q-Factory 2017 Sizzle Reel from Q-Factory by Robert Etoll on Vimeo.

Mastering and Mixing Consultant - We all know how it is… you work in a microcosm, you're by yourself mixing all day. Strapped between the speakers. Sometimes for weeks or months on end. You start second guessing what you have done, your mix, your monitors, your room. Sometimes even how it was tracked in the first place, effects, stereo placement, etc… Yes, we've all been there.

That is where Larry DeVivo Consultant Services comes in…

Recording & Mixing: This is done on a per project basis. I only take on one or two of these projects a year. I really like working with (acoustic, electric or classical) singer/songwriters, duos, trios, quartets blues, jazz, funk and classic rock bands. More info…

Your music is as important to me as it is to you. Contact me to discuss your details.